Free State Project Early Mover: Mark Warden

Mark Warden:

Mark Warden moved to New Hampshire from Las Vegas, NV for the Free State Project in 2007. While living in Las Vegas, Mark worked in marketing and sales for large builder-developers during the housing boom. Mark formed Team Porcupine Real Estate in 2009, serving residential and commercial real estate clients, particularly those relocating to New Hampshire for the Free State Project. He has been in the real estate business for 20 years as an agent, investor, and landlord, representing over $100,000,000 in residential transactions and more than 120 New Hampshire home purchases since 2011 alone!

“What’s nice is that I’m working almost exclusively with Free State Project participants and other libertarians. They want to have a real estate agent they can talk to that speaks their language. If they want to grow their own food on their property, or shoot on their own property, or find a place with low taxes and no zoning regulations, I get it! I understand. We do the best for people like that.” —Mark Warden, Porcupine Real Estate

Mark graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, minoring in Spanish, which he speaks fluently. Mark donates a percentage of all his home sales commissions to the Free State Project and other liberty-oriented organizations, and is proud to be able to help facilitate buying and selling houses using Bitcoin.

Politically Active: Rep. Mark Warden

Former NH State Rep Mark Warden | Porcupine Real EstateMark Warden has also been very active in politics since moving to NH. He served in the NH State House of Representatives twice(!), where co-founded the Natural Rights Caucus with other principled pro-liberty legislators. In 2011, he helped spearhead legislation that slashed the New Hampshire state budget by more than $1 billion, or 11 percent. Mark defended civil liberties, property rights, and smaller government with his vote, sponsoring numerous bills to expand personal freedom and help small businesses. He was instrumental in introducing legislation that cleared the way for the now-thriving craft beer nanobrewery industry in New Hampshire, and sponsored freedom-expanding legislation in the areas of property rights, business deregulation, Second Amendment protections, cannabis legalization, and repeal of civil asset forfeiture laws.

“Nevada has this reputation as being a libertarian state, but I found that even in Las Vegas, a city with a population roughly that of the entire state of New Hampshire, it was difficult to get a dozen libertarians together for anything. Here in Manchester, NH we have more than that show up frequently for any number of activism opportunities or social events, even on short notice. And for really important events, it’s common to see 50+ activists rally for a cause! The size and impact of the liberty movement for smaller government is stronger in New Hampshire than anywhere else in the world, and it’s only getting better as more people move here for the Free State Project.” —Mark Warden

While serving in the NH State House of Representatives, Warden earned an A+ rating from the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, a non-partisan coalition that works to increase individual freedoms in NH by reviewing and evaluating liberty-sensitive bills based on how they effect civil liberties, personal responsibility, property rights, accountability, constitutionality, affordability, regulation, fiscal impact, and taxation. Legislators are graded based on whether their votes are pro-liberty or anti-liberty, and whether they increase or decrease the budget. Thanks to his A+ rating and his tireless work promoting government accountability and transparency, Rep. Warden was named “Legislator of the Year” by the NH Liberty Alliance… twice! He also served as the chairman of the NHLA in 2010.

Warden’s influence on NH politics didn’t stop when he left office; he’s also the co-founder of the Get Involved PAC, which works actively on identifying, recruiting and training pro-liberty candidates for office.

FSP Welcome Wagon for New Movers

Free State Project Welcome Wagon for New Movers to NH
Check out our video about the Free State Project Welcome Wagon for New Movers!

In addition to helping Free State Project participants find commercial properties and dream homes across New Hampshire, Mark Warden has also been a tremendous volunteer, helping countless liberty-loving individuals and families actually unpack and move into their new homes through the FSP Welcome Wagon for New Movers program! Yes, it’s true! There are volunteers that will help unload your U-Haul in record time! Literally from the moment you arrive in New Hampshire, you’ll be meeting like-minded individuals who like to help!

When Free State Project founder Jason Sorens moved from Buffalo, NY to Lebanon, NH with his wife and daughter, Mark went above and beyond, driving a busload of FSP volunteers up to help them unpack and celebrate the momentous occasion. Now that is what community is all about!!

Friend & supporter of FSPmovers

Beyond all of his selfless work, Mark has also become a great personal friend and supporter. He was one of my first contacts when I made the decision to move from Los Angeles to Manchester; his entire team at Porcupine Real Estate was incredibly helpful in making the NH homebuying process smooth and surprisingly effortless.

His professionalism and personal demeanor are reason enough for me to personally recommend his services, but he doesn’t stop there! He’s been an avid financial multi-year sponsor of NH Liberty Forum, the Porcupine Freedom Festival (aka PorcFest), and more. He invests in other small, New Hampshire-based businesses, including the one you’re reading right now. Mark was kind enough to reach out to us right after we launched and asked how he could become a sponsor to help support our goal of spreading the ideas of liberty as far and wide as possible! Words can’t express how much I appreciate all Mark does for Free State Project movers like myself, and for the liberty movement as a whole.

(In the interest of disclosure: we were already working on this post about Mark long before the sponsorship conversation started. We value what he does and he values what we do. Simple!)