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FSPmovers.com aims to highlight the numerous amazing projects, businesses, and activities created by the 20,000 activists moving to New Hampshire for liberty as part of the Free State Project. In addition to sharing the latest and greatest news happening in the liberty community here, we’ll also be working to capture and publish media, chronicling the sea of change brought on now that the Free State Project’s original goal of getting 20,000 signers to pledge to move to NH was met in February 2016. Now, those 20,000 signatories are slated to move within the next five years, though close to 2,000 individuals couldn’t wait that long, and are already here, actively working toward creating a truly free society. To say it’s inspiring would be a huge understatement! Exciting times!

We’ll be trying to monetize the site and content and build a more sustainable model in addition to paying for more writers and contributors. Did you appreciate a blog post or video produced by FSP Movers? If so, please consider sharing the content with your friends. This will help us tremendously. If you are willing and able bitcoin and cash donations are appreciated! Please visit our Support page for more ways you can be a part of this winning team:

FSPMovers.com Editors

Randy Clemens

Randy Clemens is the author of The Sriracha Cookbook, The Veggie-Lover’s Sriracha Cookbook, and co-author of The Craft of Stone Brewing Co. He is a graduate of the California School of Culinary Arts and was featured heavily in the award-winning Sriracha—a documentary film by Griffin Hammond.

In early 2015, Randy moved from Los Angeles to participate in the Free State Project, a geopolitical movement getting 20,000+ libertarians to relocate to New Hampshire to decrease the size and draconian reach of the government while protecting individual liberties. In his personal time he can sometimes be found cooking, running/hiking in his sandals, singing barbershop, practicing yoga, or just trying to help make the world a better place. If one (or more) of these things also tickles your fancy, you can follow Randy’s musings on Twitter via @SrirachaBook and @RandyClemensEsq.

JJ “Epic” Schlessinger

JJ moved to Keene, New Hampshire from Wisconsin in December of 2007 as a Ron Paul Republican. After spending the first couple years working in the high-tech manufacturing field he shifted his focus to activism. Throughout his time in New Hampshire he has developed a skill set to include media production and project management. He currently is developing a new enterprise as well as working on FSPmovers.com

Accomplishments include (chronologically):

Randy and JJ would like to acknowledge and thank FSP movers Beau Davis and Jessica Love for the incredible energy, dreams, and passion they bring to the liberty community, and for their help producing our first three videos: Community Market Day Project, FSP Welcome Wagon & Porc Buddy Program, and Porc Family Connection!

FSPMovers.com is an independent project!

FSPMovers.com is a free-market response to the opportunities presented by the success of the Free State Project and its movers. While we are obviously huge proponents of the Free State Project—y’know, we did sign the pledge and move to NH—but the opinions and viewpoints expressed on this site and in our videos belong to the individual writing and/or saying them. They do not necessarily represent the views of all FSP participants, nor should they be construed as “official” announcements from the Free State Project.
Thankfully, we’re able to present a much broader picture of what FSP movers are accomplishing, since a 501(c)(3) organization like the Free State Project is prohibited from saying or endorsing certain things in order to preserve their nonprofit status. Yup, the same government that oppresses all of us also controls what nonprofit businesses are allowed to say. (Freedom of Speech, what?) Well, at FSPMovers.com, we’re allowed to say whatever we want… so allow us to shout it from the mountain tops: FUCK YOU, GOVERNMENT. We’re peacefully building a better decentralized system where your “services” become obsolete and unnecessary.

That said, as upset as we are at the atrocities knowingly perpetuated by the government, we aim to focus on the positive alternatives to their tyranny rather than focus on the negative they create. We might occasionally get a little heated, but overall, we’re optimistic about the future and would rather put our energy toward creation rather than destruction. ☮

The revolution will NOT be televised… but it will be posted to FSPmovers.com!