Moving to NH: Welcome Wagon & Porc Buddy Programs

Free State Project Welcome Wagon

Moving to New Hampshire for the Free State Project and want help unpacking?! The Welcome Wagon for New Movers would love to help! It’s a Porcupine tradition! Tell us your move date, provide pizza & beverages, and you’ll have a group of FSP Welcome Wagon volunteers to help unload your U-Haul in record time! Literally from the moment you arrive in New Hampshire, you’ll be meeting like-minded individuals who like to help! Schedule YOUR Welcome Wagon move-in now! And be sure to email [email protected] once you’ve made the move to NH so you can get your FSP mover number!

Porc Buddy Program

Want to learn more about the New Hampshire area you’re moving to *before* you arrive? Email [email protected] to get assigned a Porc Buddy: a one-on-one connection with a Free State Project volunteer that is available to field any of your questions and help get you familiar with your new community!

Curious about the name? “Porc” is short for porcupine, an animal that has become synonymous with FSP Movers and the liberty movement as a whole. Porcupines are peaceful creatures that become defensive when subjected to aggression; their sharp quills are used in self-defense only as a last resort.

The FSP Movers behind Welcome Wagon & Porc Buddy programs

Chris Lopez has been the Free State Project admin since 2012, answering the phone, emails, coordinating Welcome Wagon move-in parties, and providing general support for those inquiring about the project and New Hampshire. She is uniquely qualified for this position; having moved here back in 2004, she’s gained extensive knowledge of the state and the people who’ve moved here since​.

While many FSP movers volunteer and get involved with Welcome Wagon move-in parties across NH, it’s Chris that is often the first point of contact for new movers after they learn about the Free State Project. She also coordinates social events and meet-and-greets for new movers and other people visiting New Hampshire. When she’s not busy helping new and prospective movers, Chris enjoys writing music, singing and playing acoustic guitar.

FSP mover Laura Bennett is the current organizer of the super-helpful Porc Buddy Program, and she is all about community-building via the art of hospitality. Her vision with PorcBuddies includes expanding into acts of service for the sick and suffering in our community, when personal tragedy strikes or during times of huge stress even if it’s a happy occasion (e.g. giving birth). She is also working on a neighborhood clean-up initiative in Rimmon Heights, where she lives with her husband, Kyle.

Laura is a piano and German instructor by trade and loves to swing dance, play board games, travel, and meet New Movers over coffee.

Other New Hampshire FSP Mover Resources

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