FSPmovers.com Launches: Future of the Free State Project

Free State Project participants | PorcFest 2015 | Roger’s Campground | Lancaster, NH

Hello world!

Welcome to FSPMovers.com! My name is Randy Clemens, and together with multimedia master JJ Epic, we’ve launched this new site in February 2016 to coincide with the Free State Project reaching its goal of 20,000 libertarians pledging to move to New Hampshire for liberty. That has now “Triggered the Move”, and those 20,000 signatories are slated to relocate to NH within the next five years, though close to 2,000 individuals couldn’t wait that long and are already here, actively working toward creating a truly free society.

The Free State Project is an agreement among 20,000 pro-liberty activists to move to New Hampshire, where they will exert the fullest practical effort toward the creation of a society in which the maximum role of government is the protection of life, liberty, and property.”

Since moving to Manchester, NH from Los Angeles, I’ve been blown away by the countless amazing projects, businesses, and activities created by the FSP Early Movers, who’ve come here from all walks of life. A few of these volunteer-driven initiatives and programs inspired me so much, that I knew I had to share them with the world in the hopes that others would find inspiration in them as well. And I wanted to make it my mission to not just highlight the programs, but also the FSP movers that make each of them possible. Regular, everyday folks like you and me who couldn’t hide from their calling to step up and be a leader.

First FSP Movers videos

In addition to sharing the latest and greatest news happening in the NH liberty community, we’ll also be working to capture and publish media, chronicling the sea of change brought on now that the Free State Project’s move was triggered in February 2016. The first three FSP Mover videos we decided to create center on several incredible voluntaryist community-building initiatives that continue to amaze me more and more each day:

Community Market Day Project — Community Market Day connects liberty-lovers who are looking to engage in voluntary exchange of products and services! It’s here that you’ll find your friends and neighbors bartering and selling handmade soaps, jewelry, crochet/knit goods, organic bulk pantry items, natural household cleaning products, gluten-free baked goods, along with homegrown meats, eggs, produce, and more! Clothing alterations, chiropractic treatments, hypnotherapy, yoga, and therapeutic massage are additional services that can often be found at Community Market Day events!

Welcome Wagon & Porc Buddy Program — Moving to New Hampshire for the Free State Project and want help unpacking?! The Welcome Wagon for New Movers would love to help! Tell us what day you’re moving to NH, provide pizza & beverages, and you’ll have a group of FSP Welcome Wagon volunteers to help unload your moving truck in record time! Want to learn more about the New Hampshire area you’re moving to before you arrive? Get assigned a Porc Buddy: your one-on-one connection with a Free State Project volunteer that is available to help you get situated and introduced to your new area and the FSP community!

Porc Family Connection — Wanna connect with other families in NH that value ideals such as peaceful parenting and the Non-Aggression Principle? Interested in learning about new and exciting opportunities for homeschooling/unschooling? Do you enjoy family museum visits, indoor/outdoor playground excursions, nature walks, and all kinds of other fun events constantly being organized all throughout the state? Look no further than the Porc Family Connection—a unique, decentralized network of FSP families that encourages the sharing of information, support, and fun through cooperation and mutual aid, including childcare exchange, playdates, clothing hand-me-downs, and more!

Randy and JJ would like to acknowledge and thank FSP movers Beau Davis and Jessica Love for the incredible energy, dreams, and passion they bring to the liberty community, and for their help producing our first three videos!

YOU are the future of the Free State Project!

FSPmovers.com was started with YOU in mind. My entire goal with these first videos was to show potential movers the incredible voluntary programs that are happening here in the Free State, in the hopes that it might entice you to come visit New Hampshire and experience it for yourself.

Close to 2,000 of us are already here, creating a future that focuses on self-ownership and self-responsibility, and rewards building voluntary, positive alternatives to the common statist methodologies of force, coercion, and theft via taxation. But now that the FSP move has been triggered on February 3, 2016, we are anticipating a serious influx of folks that are eager to get involved. People just like YOU who’ve decided that they’ve had enough of the old system… that don’t know what the new system will bring, but they’re confident that staying in the abusive old patterns that make us dependent on government “services” is NOT the answer.

Thanks for visiting the new site. We hope you’ll have a look around and really explore the potential impact of what FSP movers are already doing, what they can achieve, and how you can be a part of it… because YOU are the future of the Free State Project. Each person that moves to NH has the opportunity to step up and be part of something that’s greater than what they could accomplish on their own. Wouldn’t YOU like to be part of history?! Join us.

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