Free State Project Early Mover: Rep. Amanda Bouldin

Representative Amanda Bouldin is serving at the NH House of Representatives, representing Hillsborough District 12, aka Manchester Ward 5. Amanda moved to New Hampshire from Texas for the Free State Project in 2009 with her daughter Sophia.

Life-Saving Legislation: Opioid Overdose Reversal

Shortly after getting elected, Bouldin introduced Bill HB 271 to end the prohibition on possession of Narcan (aka Naloxone) which counters the effects of an opioid overdose. Previously, Narcan could only be legally possessed by EMS and police, but thanks to Bouldin, now anyone who acts with “good faith and reasonable care” may possess or administer the life-saving medicine to reverse an overdose, without criminal or civil liability. While the government still refuses to admit that the War on Drugs is a failed experiment (with enormous socioeconomic costs), it’s refreshing to see FSP movers like Rep. Bouldin passing legislation that will actually save lives rather than help ruin them.

New Hampshire Liberty Alliance

In 2010, Bouldin began volunteering for the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, a non-partisan coalition that works to increase individual freedoms in NH by monitoring bills in the legislative sessions. The NHLA reviews and evaluates liberty-sensitive bills based on how they effect civil liberties, personal responsibility, property rights, accountability, constitutionality, affordability, regulation, fiscal impact, and taxation. From this evaluation process, they publish a weekly handout called The Gold Standard that is distributed to members of the NH House of Representatives prior to their vote to inform them as to whether the bills up for vote are pro-liberty or anti-liberty, and whether they increase or decrease the budget.

Shire Sharing

In 2011, Bouldin founded Shire Sharing—a nonprofit charity that provides meals to families in need on Thanksgiving—to memorialize her late father. Shire Sharing, which relies entirely on volunteers and voluntary donations, delivered meals to over 600 families in 2015.