Upcoming family-friendly liberty event in Laconia, NH at FunSpot, the world’s largest arcade! (Photo via Kate Ager)

Free State Project movers are setting up activism events and social meetups every day, all across New Hampshire! Here is a small sampling of Porcupine-friendly events taking place this month that we wanted to feature, with a full look at ALL of the events happening in April listed on the NH Liberty Central Google Calendar at the bottom of the page.

April 2016 holds many treasures for activists in New Hampshire, incuding a New Movers Party, a 420 rally, skills workshops, agorist marketplaces, a cancer treatment fundraiser, informational meetings for liberty-lovers looking to get elected to the NH State House of Representatives, a sobriety checkpoint protest, and more!

Free State Project New Mover Party

Free State Project new movers party in Manchester, NHTuesday, April 5 at 7pm
The Quill, Manchester
[View address and RSVP here]

The Free State Project hosts monthly New Mover Parties to welcome recent movers to New Hampshire. (Come hungry and bring a dish! It’s always a potluck!) FSP New Mover Parties are held at The Quill—a private, member-supported, pro-liberty community activism center on the west side of Manchester, NH—on the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm. Make sure to email [email protected] to let Free State Project volunteers know that you’ve arrived in New Hampshire and that you’d like to attend the next New Movers Party; they’ll give you your official FSP mover number and all the info you’ll need to come get acquainted!

Suspicionless DUI Checkpoint Protest

DUI Sobriety Checkpoint protesting illegal search/seizure
Activists protest the illegal searches & seizures cleverly disguised by thug police as a DUI/sobriety “safety checkpoint.” (photo via RebelLoveShow.com)

Friday, April 22 at 10pm-2:30am
Manchester, NH
[RSVP here; exact location TBD]

Manchester PD is at it again, taking federal grants to illegally search your car without probable cause or consent. They disguise it as a DUI/sobriety “safety” checkpoint, but time and time again, these events reveal their true nature: cops need to steal money and items from people (who’ve harmed no one) in order to fund their departments and somehow legitimize their job’s existence.

In reality, these sobriety checkpoints merely serve as an avenue to allow thug police officers to stop your car and get you to roll down your window so they can smell your breath, sniff around for marijuana (seriously, how is pot still illegal?), and otherwise poke around for ways they can harass, fine, and/or arrest you, despite the fact that you’ve, again, harmed no one.

Activists will be gathering at The Quill (a local community center for Free State Project participants) to create protest signs before heading out to the DUI checkpoint, the location of which will be disclosed by the greedy folks at Manchester PD the day before the event. RSVP here for more information and to be alerted of the actual sobriety checkpoint location.

Whether you can attend the protest event or not, I recommend printing this “Know Your Rights” flyer and keeping it in your vehicle should this roving tribe of marauding law enforcement gangsters ever try to shake you down.

New Hampshire activists will be protesting another unconstitutional search/seizure sting operation that thug police cleverly disguise as a DUI/sobriety “safety” checkpoint in Manchester, NH on April 22.

Community Market Day begins skills workshops, hosts fundraiser

Community Market Day Project -- New Hampshire agorist marketplace
Watch our Community Market Day video!

Sunday, April 3 at 12-4pm
Private residence, Manchester, NH
[View address and RSVP here]

Sunday, April 24 at 1-5pm
Stone Manor, Fitzwilliam, NH
[View address and RSVP here]

Community Market Day continues to grow across New Hampshire! In addition to all the wonderful things one can expect to find at CMD (see below), the Manchester location is now adding a rotating Skills Workshop, whereby members of the community can share a helpful skill of theirs with other community members. Gardening guru Kate Muller will kicking off the first CMD Skills Workshop on Sunday 4/3 at 1pm in Manchester:

“The class will cover the basics including garden location, garden beds, soil amendments, plant support, weed suppression, watering, planting times, seedling care, and transplanting. Indoor gardening and container gardening will also be covered. The class will be geared to NH soil, climate and pest issues. Part of the class will be hands-on. We will start seeds and transplant seedlings. Each student will go home with a sample and care instructions.”

There will also be an “Essential Oils for Families” workshop held immediately after Community Market Day at 4pm in the same location, thanks to Shalon Spaulding!

And the Community Market Day event on 4/24 will be taking place at Stone Manor in Fitzwilliam, NH thanks to host Katie McCall! This CMD will be raising money for Shem Kellogg, an all-around great guy who moved to New Hampshire for the Free State Project, served as an NH State Representative, and has just recently been diagnosed with cancer. This benefit event will be taking place on the beautiful grounds of Stone Manor and will be an excellent way to supplement Shem’s fundraiser for his alternative cancer treatments. Hope to see you there!

The Community Market Day Project connects liberty-lovers who are looking to engage in voluntary exchange of products and services! It’s here that you’ll find your friends and neighbors—hobbyists, home-based business owners, and even local farmers—bartering and selling handmade soaps, jewelry, crochet/knit goods, organic bulk pantry items, natural household products, baked goods, along with homegrown meats, eggs, produce, and more! Clothing alterations, chiropractic treatments, hypnotherapy, yoga, and therapeutic massage are just some of the services you might expect to find at a Community Market Day event!

LibertySpot 2016 at FunSpot Arcade

FunSpot in Laconia, NH is the largest arcade in the world!

Saturday, April 16 at 12pm
FunSpot, 579 Endicott St N, Laconia
[RSVP here] 

Back by popular demand! The Lakes Region Porcupines are hosting a family-friendly gathering of liberty lovers at FunSpot, the world’s largest arcade!!

According to the event hosts, the founder/owner of FunSpot, Bob Lawton, and he is a BIG fan of liberty! (His favorite book is Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged!) When FunSpot turned on their new digital sign in the 1980’s, the first message Bob put on it was “Who is John Galt?” Bob was the State Rep who sponsored the bill to put “Live Free or Die” on our license plates in NH!

NH 420 Liberty Rally 2016

New Hampshire State House, 107 N Main St, Concord
Wednesday, April 20 at 12pm-6pm
[RSVP here]

Join activists on 4/20 to participate in civil disobedience by smoking marijuana on the steps of the NH State House to protest the criminalization of pot. Freedom doesn’t exist when plants are illegal. It’s time to end the War on Drugs.

NH Liberty Central Google Calendar

While we aim to feature just a few of the incredible pro-liberty events happening here in New Hampshire, the NH Liberty Central Google Calendar is definitely a great resource for meeting other FSP movers and learning about ALL of the activism opportunities, family gatherings, educational events, social meet-ups, volunteering, etc. taking place here in the Free State!