Free State Project New Mover Parties

The Free State Project hosts monthly new mover parties to welcome recent movers to New Hampshire. (Come hungry and bring a dish! It’s a potluck!) More individuals and families are moving to New Hampshire all the time, and the FSP New Mover Parties are a great way for people from the Porcupine community to welcome and meet these 20-30 new movers each month. Now that the Free State Project reached its 20,000 signer goal and “Triggered The Move”, even more new movers are coming each month as the “influx of libertarians” moving to NH really ramps up!

FSP New Mover Parties are held at The Quill—a private, member-supported, pro-liberty community activism center on the west side of Manchester, NH—on the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm. Make sure to email [email protected] to let Free State Project volunteers know that you’ve arrived in New Hampshire and that you’d like to attend the next New Movers Party; they’ll give you your official FSP mover number and all the info you’ll need to come get acquainted!

Resources for Free State Project new movers

There are several great resources available to people moving to New Hampshire for the Free State Project. Here’s just a sampling of the helpful groups to be found:

  • FSP Welcome Wagon for New Movers: Want help unpacking?! TheFSP Welcome Wagon for New Movers would love to help! It’s a Porcupine tradition! Tell us your move date, provide pizza & beverages, and you’ll have a group of like-minded individuals volunteering to help unload your U-Haul in record time!
  • Porc Buddy Program: Curious to know more about the New Hampshire area you’re moving to before you get here? Email [email protected] to get in touch with a Porc Buddy: your one-on-one connection with an FSP volunteer that can field any of your questions and help you feel right at home in your new community!
  • Porc Family Connection: a decentralized network of peaceful parents and friends that encourages the sharing of information, support, and fun through cooperation and mutual aid, such as play dates, childcare exchange, clothing hand-me-downs, homeschooling, and more!
  • Community Market Day Project: a local marketplace and off-the-grid business that facilitates the barter and sale of handmade soaps, natural household products, jewelry, organic bulk pantry items, baked goods, crochet/knit goods, along with homegrown meats, produce, eggs, and more!

FSP early movers gather after the potluck to share community news at Free State Project New Mover Parties in Manchester, NH

Free State Project meetup groups around NH

There are several groups of FSP movers that host regular social meetups in areas all over New Hampshire. There’s a large community here that’s growing by the day as more movers come! No need to isolate… collaborate!

  • Merrimack Valley Porcupines—This meetup of FSP participants from the Merrimack Valley gathers the first Saturday of every month at a rotating liberty-friendly establishment. You are welcome to join as we eat, drink, talk about plans for the next month, participate in some activism, and brainstorm ways to move liberty forward. 
  • Nashua Liberty—FSP movers in the Nashua area have an informal social gathering every Sunday at 6pm in the downtown Nashua area, usually at Martha’s Exchange restaurant & brewery.
  • Lakes Region Porcupines—For FSP movers settling down in New Hampshire’s picturesque Lakes Region, this group meets every third Saturday of the month at New Hong Kong Buffet in Belmont, NH. Other events include holiday toy drives, litter clean-up, beach barbecue days, and more!
  • The Freecoast—Every Thursday evening at 6pm, Freecoasters host a meetup in one of the Seacoast’s major towns, rotating between Dover, Exeter, Hampton, Portsmouth, and Rochester. The Freecoast also hosts a Bitcoin meetup on the last Sunday of each month at Burrito Liberation in Newmarket, NH!
  • Keeniacs—Movers in Keene, NH meet every weekend at Local Burger for Social Sunday at 6pm! Local Burger also hosts a monthly meetup for the Keene Bitcoin Network!
  • FreeWeare—FSP movers in Henniker, Dunbarton, Weare, Goffstown, New Boston, Francestown and environs are invited o join the FreeWeare liberty crew for fortnightly convivial conversation, community building and the requisite plotting at Stark House Tavern on the third Thursday of each month, beginning at 7:30pm.
  • Several other groups representing less densely populated areas also exist, such as North Country Porcupines (for movers up in Coös County, near the Canadian border), Upper Monadnock Valley Liberty (for Porcupines living in Hillsborough, Antrim, Deering, Henniker, Washington, Bradford, Warner, Bennington, Peterborough, and the surrounding areas), and Graftonites (for movers in Grafton).

For the latest Free State Project events listings, be sure to check out the NH Liberty Central Calendar!